Holder for a gift card

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Holder for a gift card

Post by lyndaejane on Mon 8 May 2017 - 17:44

Am just prepping this for the girls to do at my next papercraft get-together, so thought I'd put it up here. It's a lovely way to give someone a gift card, or even some notes (money).

Make an open-top pocket 4" high by 3" across, using your favourite method. I make mine with a piece of card/paper as follows:

Width - 6" + side flap
Height - 4" + bottom flap (one side only)

Fold at 3" to form the two sides of the pocket and open out again. Fold in the side and bottom flaps, apply glue/DST to them, and fold the other side on top of them to adhere.

Either cut from cardstock and decorate or cut from heavyweight patterned paper.

Punch a hole in the middle of the open top of the pocket. Thread 2' (60cms) of ribbon through the holes, from the outside of one side of the pocket through to the outside of the other. Adjust so that both ends of the ribbon are roughly equal in length.

Take the gift card, part the two sides of the open top of the pocket, and push the gift card down into the pocket, making sure the ribbon is drawn down to the bottom of the pocket by the gift card as you do so. Tie the protruding ends of the ribbon into a bow.

The recipient merely has to hold the bow and pull it up to reveal the gift card as it comes out of the pocket.


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