thank you Kim

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thank you Kim

Post by Maria on Sun 21 Mar 2010 - 10:26

Oh Kim....

you made me grizzle.... mind you, thats not hard this morning the way i feel!

Thank you so very much for the lovely goodies you have sent me - the beach bits will definitely get used on a layout but most of all, a huge and heartfelt thank you for the doggy brads - how could you bear to let them go??? I adore them of course and will be using them immediately in my bracken book.

You girls are so good to me, and Kim this is not the first time you have sent me lovely bits like this. I love all of it.

shaken and stirred but still standing (most of the time)
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Re: thank you Kim

Post by kimb on Sun 21 Mar 2010 - 17:54

i knew you would make use of the beach bits and i had 2 packs of the doggy brads ,otherwise you would not have got those lol!

you are more than welcome !! Loves ya
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